Eyes Are On Miami In NBA Finals

Miami is at the heart of the world stage, being thrust into the media spotlight as Miami Heat take on Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Finals. The world’s media outlets are out in force at the American Airlines Arena in Miami to document the landmark game, with Turja Sen, the Executive Producer of 10 Sports channel in India talking about the difference between support in India and America, where even though the sport is not as popular it is still well loved.  He carried on to state how “It’s great to get a feel for it. The atmosphere is electric.” In fact the media presence is so strong it seems the cameras, computers and broadcasting equipment nearly outnumber the people attending – with smaller crews finding it difficult to keep up with coverage having to work all-nighters as well as shooting in the days to get the coverage to feed back to the broadcasters and news reels to keep the coverage fresh and up to date, especially if this coverage is being broadcast abroad where time zones obviously play a major role.

The Chinese contingent were out in force, with the crew starting work as soon as they arrived at the stadium. A Chinese reporter, Ya Chin Chang explained how they have access to this new technology called Live U, which is essentially a backpack that streams the live coverage back to fans in China who can view the action live from the website.  Though the trip is obviously for business not for pleasure, many of the journalists agree what a great city Miami is to be in, with the atmosphere in South Beach being so vibrant and welcoming.

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