Channing Tatum On Miami’s “Magic Mike”

Channing Tatum, screen heartthrob, ex one time striper may be more known for his dance moves and six-pack than acting ability but that is about to change. He may have just hit the credible movie big-time this year with hits such as “The Vow” and the hilarious “21 Jump Street” (who knew he could do funny) and now in new drama comedy “Magic Mike”.  The film, set in Miami is director by screen king Steven Soderbergh, and based on and around Tatum’s life as a stripper, his brief foray into this world where he took his clothes off for hundreds of screaming women. However loosely this is based on his life, Channing Tatum does describe his experiences in the Miami strip club as crazy, though it only lasted a few months he explains how “It’s fictitious. I only danced for about eight months. But the stuff that happened was so crazy and outrageous that you couldn’t put it into a movie without somebody going, ‘You’re making that up just to sell tickets.’”.  Tatum plats the movies central role, the ‘star stripper’ of an all dancing, all stripping Miami male revue, think a far sexier version of the UK smash “The Full Monty”.  Expect a boom in the Miami male stripper industry very soon.

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