Tennis Champ Andy Murray Inspired By Miami Heat Star

In a surprise victory, UK tennis champ, Andy Murray has got to the final of Wimbledon tennis tournament and is drawing inspiration from Miami Heat player LeBron James to help him win the Wimbledon title.  Murray, being just one win away from the grand slam final, is not looking back to his prior failings (this would be the fourth time he has reached a fourth Slam final and not seen it through to victory) instead he is looking to James for strength. Murray, speaking to reporters earlier in the week stated how James “came very close to winning quite a lot of times and winning this year for him was massive,”  carrying on to explain how  “I would say for me it’s a similar situation. I’ve been close a lot of times and not quite made it.”

Though James may be an unlikely source for Murray to draw stimulus from, let us not forget that he was a three time NBA MVP and similarly played in the tennis Grand Slam equivalent – the Finals – twice before he actually came to victory and won the championships in June this year.  Similarly to Murray, James has had his fair share of criticism from the press but has finally silenced his critiques after his Miami Heat’s win last month. We are all hoping Murray can do the same with a win at Wimbledon this month.

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