Miami Children Hospital Expanding

An ambitious yet exiting project has been launched at Miami’s Children’s Hospital this year which will see the new opening of four outpatient treatment centres, spanning different areas if the city.  One will be seen in Broward whilst another will be opened in midtown Miami, where this treatment centre will be based just four miles from the Jackson Memorial campus in the University of Miami, where they already have a large paediatrics facility. In total the four new outpatient treatment centres will cost around $14 million, with the children’s hospital spokeswoman, Rachael Perry describing how donations will help pay for some of the fee. The four new locations of the centres are being built in order to offer more convenient care to the patients. The location in Miami is scheduled to be completed and opened in as little as a couple of months and offers a convenient location being just a 10 minute drive from the Jackson campus at the UM, where the facility there sees medical-school doctors stationed at the Holtz Children’s hospital as well as other nearby medical centres. The other locations will house urgent medical centres as well as primarily centring on after-hours treatment of minor ailments though regular hours will also see normal medical assistance and rehabilitation appointments practiced.

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