Vote For Miami’s “The Untouchables” To Win America’s Got Talent

In an age when age really is irrelevant when it comes to talent, when you don’t just have to be 18-25 to get your 15 minutes of fame comes “The Untouchables”. The talented dance crew, hailing from Miami are fiercely competitive but also hugely sweet and self-deprecating, all this from a group of youngsters whose age range from eight – 13. They first swept to fame after appearing on Americas Got Talent, where at the Tampa auditions the show’s judges: Howie Mandel, Howard Stern and Sharon Osbourne gave them rave reviews after their dance performance to the Pitbull feat J. Lo song ‘On The Floor’.

As their infectious moves and tight choreography stunned viewers and the judgers alike they became new favourites for stealing the title of America’s Got Talent. They made it through to the next round in Las Vegas, where again they were praised by Sharon Osbourne calling their peppy moves “precise” and remarked on their high technical ability. Along with this praise, Mandel went one compliment further to label The Untouchables “phenomenal” and they even managed to draw complements, albeit with typical added snark, from shock jock Howard Stern who jokingly added that for the dance troupe “puberty is your enemy”. The crew is in good company, hailing from the same studio in Miami as last year’s much loved act The Miami All Stars who got into the top ten. If these young dancing sensations win the show they will get a shared price of $1 million – that’s a lot of candy.

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