Miami Native Jillian Roberts Holds Olympic Torch

19 year old Jillian Roberts from Miami made history on July 10th in Slough as she bore the Olympic torch for the most meaningful 300 metres of her life. Her segment of the country-wide relay may have only lasted about three and a half minutes but she described how it felt much shorter.  She wrote an email to the Sun-Sentinel this week describing the once in a lifetime moment: “I felt like a Disney princess on a float in a parade at Magic Kingdom!,”  continuing to detail how “It was so surreal. …The entire day was filled with so much emotion, from excitement to anxious to thrill and ecstacy.”

Roberts is part of an honoured group of people who became torch bearers to celebrate the run up to the Olympics. On a break from studying at the University of Florida, she came to England and ran with the troch before touring Europe but hopes to return to the capital. The 70-day torch relay will end on Friday culminating in it arriving at the much anticipated opening ceremony and being lit in the cauldron. By this end point, eight thousand people will have carried the eternal flame across 8,000 miles with Roberts having the honour of being one of 22 Americans that were chosen by Coca-Cola to hold the torch.

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