Miami Marlin’s Josh Johnson Is Philosophical About His Career

Josh Johnson is not worrying about the future of his career, taking a why-worry attitude to his sporting life. As he takes to the mound today in what could be his final outing on the pitch as a Marlin, he simply mused “if it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen” as he is in his next-to-last year of his contract. He continued to be philosophic about his time as a Marlin “If not, then I’m still here, which is what I want. So there’s no reason to sit there and worry about what I’m going to do if this happens or that happens.” He is already receiving a lot of interest from a variety of other contending teams, but experts are slating that the Marlins are wanting a lot from the 28 star, demanding at least three top prospects.

A source from the American League have speculated that if they don’t receive a premium for the player they will more than likely keep Johnson as a player. However one prospect for the player is to go to the Texas Rangers, to which the team could swap their power-hitting baseman Mike Olt for Johnson, however they are unlikely to want to let the star third baser leave the Rangers in place of Johnson.

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