Miami Is The Star Of New “Step Up Revolution” Movie

First came the classic Dirty Dancing, then years later dance came back to the silver screen with “Save the last Dance” then “Honey” and “Step Up” and so was born the Hollywood obsession with dance movies.  And it looks like the dance genre is here to stay, with the “Step Up” franchise seemingly never ending with the new movie “Step Up Revolution” which is Hollywood’s latest foray into the liquid world of dance.  This movie seems to be about empowerments, about finding a voice in a community filled with in justice and where a lot of people are silenced – all set with a dance backdrop, obviously.

It is not only the young adult cast that are portrayed so well, but the setting of Miami is also visually striking.  The director manages to capture the buzz and beauty of Miami so perfectly, the people are tanned and stylish, the sea blue and clear and the beaches powder soft to perfection – it is like a hour and a half advert to promote the city. It manages to capture the essence of Miami in a truly superb way, including the diverse cast, the rich culture and diverse, eclectic fashion and art scene, in fact dancing a side it appears that “Step Up Revolution” is less about the dancing more about this visually striking city.

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