Miami’s Love Affair With Brazil

Miami’s Love Affair With Brazil

On the eve of the 16th Annual Brazilian Film Festival that hits Miami on Saturday we take a look at how Brazil has influence our fair city, most notably by its delicious food…

Brazil is well known for its exotic flavours, samba and of course soccer. We would like to focus on its food, as the diverse food and flavours that come from this country make the Brazilian menu so fascinating.  A combination of influences, ranging from Africa and Portuguese add an international quality to the food but many people will automatically think of is rodizio. Patrons of the restaurant will pay a fixed price and wait for the waiters to walk around wielding huge skewers of meat, draped in turkey chunks wrapped in bacon, sirloin steak, rump cover and filet mignon to name but a few to which they pick and choose what delicious cuts they would like to eat.

And so on to one of our favourite Brazilian restaurants in Miami,  Grimpa.  Enter into this culinary paradise and expect to find over 15 different kinds of beef, pork, chicken and fish amongst others.  Patrons are spoilt for choice with flank of steak, lamb, pork loin to choose from each as succulent and delicious as the other.  Order right, and Grimpa will actually prepare some of the hot dishes on the menu like breaded banana and cheese bread right in front of you at your table.

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