Miami Art Walk Causes A Stir

Last weekend, during one of Miami’s infamous art walks, one local artists caused something of a stir.  The artist in question, Jean Paul Mallozzi managed to draw in one of the largest crowds to his 101/Exhibit ‘Knowbody’, which was his first solo show.  The emerging Miami artist stole the show, with his exhibition which included a series of mixed media pieces with two oil paintings.  Speaking to Miami New Tomes Mallozzi explained: “The amount of people that came made me so happy,” (…) “The staff at 101/Exhibit told me they were shocked at the amount of people who came for the opening. They said in the month of August this rarely happens. I can’t stop thanking everyone for coming out that night.”

Martin Margulies, the infamous Miami art collector as well as MOCA executive director Bonnie Clearwater and The Bakehouse Art Complex  associate director of exhibitions Ananda DeMello were out in force to view and give support to the emerging artists at his ‘Knowbody’ show. The unprecedented success his work has got during August is surely a sign of things to come for Mallozzi and again an example of how Miami is at the top of its creative game, a hub for all things news and innovative.

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