$121 million Miami Marine Stadium renovation dropped

A $121 million dollar deal to renovate Miami Marine Stadium and its surrounding area was cancelled prior to reaching the Miami Commission, where it’s fate was anticipated on being determined.

The deal, which proposed a $30 million renovation of Miami Marine Stadium and the construction of various surrounding amenities, such as a dry boat garage and a massive 125,000 square-foot expo center, would have given a modern face to the historic area. While the necessity of such renovations were almost universally agreed upon, the deal was not without its share of controversy, particularly regarding the role and contribution of businessman Manuel Alonso-Poch, which would have included plans to convert the public land surrounding the stadium to a privately-owned commercial center.

The deal was set to appear before the Miami Commission on November 20, but the plans were unexpectedly dropped at the last minute, a decision made by Friends of Miami Marine Stadium, a not-for-profit group and major player in the renovation. Though the deal would have provided more than enough funding to renovate the stadium, the amount of public land that was set to be developed into a private commercial area for profit, a conversation of much dispute, was deemed superfluous.

The $121 million dollar deal might be off the table, but that does not mean that the renovation of Miami Marine Stadium is as well. Friends of Miami Marine Stadium are said to still have full intent to continue trying to reach their goal, although with different partners who would agree to a deal with significantly less private benefit.

For now, it looks as though Miami Marine Stadium will remain closed and a remnant of the past. However, with such good intent, it is hard to imagine that Friends of Miami Marine Stadium will be unable to draw up a new deal; hopefully, one that is equally beneficial, but without any drawbacks.


Image via savingplaces.org.

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