Miami Ranked 5th Among The Most Walkable Cities in US

Statistics have once again rendered Miami as one of the most walkable cities in United States. This is according to an in-depth study conducted with regard to anything that can dictate how walkable the place is. The best part is that most people do not understand the reason behind this ranking. For the last four years, Miami has appeared in the list of top cities whose environment and networking favors walking. The trend seems to continue since Walk Score has again put the city in the top rank.
Walk Score falls under the umbrella of a particular online real estate program and that is why its studies may not be doubted. Their accuracy in giving results for their studies has been upheld for a long time. The company ranks US cities with regard to the available walking routes, pedestrian friendliness, population, security and the neighborhood data. With full information on the mentioned aspects, Walk Score is able to easily establish a list of cities whose walkability is high.
The latest study involved cities that feature a population of over 300,000 and more. In addition, the study included over ten different locations in each city. What’s more, over 2 billion walking routes in all US cities were taken into account. An intense computation indicated that Miami has a high walkability than many other cities in the country. However, Miami only took the 5th position in the top 10 rank. This implies that there are other cities which are more walkable than Miami. The position is however not very different from the previous years.
Based on different developments of street paths as well as the general locality, Miami residents find it better to walk around instead of driving. Distances that could be covered through driving can now be covered by a simple walk. The neighborhoods of Wynwood, for instance, draw much interest in people who enjoy walking. This is because the place features a chain of restaurants, joints and shopping spots. Such attractions play the core fuel to walkability in this city.
The rising number of motor vehicles has also prompted the improvement of walkability in Miami. Walk Score has revealed that people are greatly avoiding traffic jams. Consequently, they are opting to park their cars in the outskirts of the city and walk to their destinations. The city government has played a part by investing heavily in enhancing walkability through establishing of walk paths along the streets.

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