Heavy Drinking Declines in Miami

Heavy Drinking Declines in Miami

We tell our children to say no to drugs, to avoid alcohol, and to eat right. All across the country we investigate binge drinking and excess alcohol consumption to better fight alcoholism. Strangely enough, we may have accidentally triggered a decrease in drinking in the party capital of the United States.

Heavy drinking is in constant investigation in the United States. One investigation to find the highest heavy drinking counties resulted in a surprising outcome. Miami-Dade county ranked a shockingly low 66th in the country for the heaviest drinkers. Miami is one of the places in the world known for the craziest parties, the most attractive people, and the best drinking. So why are the numbers so low?

For one, this survey does not account for tourists. As Miami is a huge tourist destination, this may be one of the variables at play. However, another crazy element of this study was that there was a 0.7% decrease in heavy drinking in Miami among the native population. This is huge, because the drinking in the state around Miami has risen by 7.9% since 2005. Does this point to a sobering end to the nightlife?

Miami, Florida with its beautiful South beach was expected to jump straight to the top of the list; however, this has not happened. Miami also ranked thirty-sixth out of Florida’s sixty-seven counties in heavy drinking. In regards to binge drinking, which is defined as having four or more drinks as a woman and five or more drinks as a man, Miami stands at forty-sixth in the state. Only sixteen percent of the population says that they engage in binge drinking.

The citizens of this county, Miami-Dade, do not even realize that the rate of heavy drinking is decreasing. One of the Mothers Against Drunk Driving states, “It does surprise me. I don’t think we’ve seen less incidents of drinking, or less incidents of drinking and driving.” This is most likely do to the gradual and small percentage of decrease within the community.

So what does this mean for Miami, Florida? It is difficult to say. One could take a guess that partying gets old when you live next to one for your entire life. Seeing the tourists party, binge drink, and drink heavily in general may be the best “say no to drugs” lesson out there. After all, seeing people drunkenly embarrass themselves is its own cautionary tale.

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