Grandmother Aged 79 Graduates from Dade College, Miami

Rosa Salgado a grandmother aged 79 years has hit Miami news headlines after she graduated from Miami’s Dade College. Salgado has been living in Miami since 1995 after moving from her native Columbia. It may interest you to know that Rosa had limited English, thus the reason her achievement is viewed as incredible.

Despite the difficulties she faced with the English language, Salgado still managed to graduate with a degree education on Saturday, the Miami Herald reports.

Rosa was not alone when she graduated from the college. She did it alongside two of her grandchildren. Salgado told the Miami Herald that graduating from the college was a major step and was a fulfillment of a lifelong dream. She graduated with honors.

Everyone in my family including my grandchildren have grown up watching every step of my life and I am sure that they will learn and know how to fight in life, Salgado said. What I have achieved today will help them learn how to overcome obstacles.

One of the professors who taught her, Sara Bulnes, said that even though Salgado’s knowledge of the English language was limited, her drive to learn was not and that’s what kept her going. The first time she came to my classroom, her English was very limited and she struggled a lot to grasp the language, but her perservearance was amazing, Sara said.

Sara said that Mrs. Salgado was without doubt an inspiration to so many students at the college primarily because of her cheerful character and her devotion to the studies despite the obstacles she was facing.”Salgado had some personal setbacks and she managed to beat them all. What  a momentous moment that she is now graduating. I am very proud of her achievements”, Sara said.

According to Salgado, graduating with a college degree was something that had always dreamed of achieving, even when she was living in Columbia. However, her moving to Miami delayed her dreams a bit but she vowed to make her dream a reality. Mrs. Salgado says that she now hopes to be an inspiration to others who want to attain a degree.

In her closing remarks, Rosa said that her advice to students, whether young or old is  to know that they have a chance to learn because learning is wonderful. Mrs. Rosa’s achievements clearly show that where there is a will, certainly there is a way.  

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