Miami Police Department On The Hunt For Night Burglar

Burglary has been one of the gradually rising vices in Miami. Of late, there has been transpiring rumors that a certain strange man has been breaking into resident’s houses with the motive of robbing off their properties. A number of break-ins have already been reported where all fingers point towards a single man, though strange.

A few days ago, a sketch of this man was released to different police posts in Miami and later to the public in order to aid in getting him. The appearance of the sketch is with regard to various descriptions provided by the members of the public. Interestingly, all the descriptions garnered so far tally in one way or the other.

In one of the incidents, a woman claims to have woken up in the middle of the night, only to find the suspected burglar standing right by her bedside. Her efforts to call the police turned futile after the burglar fled and vanished just like that. ‘The burglar must be a smart one. He knows how to mask his steps once he is noticed’, the woman said.

In a different incident, another woman was taking her rest on the sofa at night only to wake up and find the same burglar standing right by her side. Upon noticing that the woman was about to call the police, the burglar fled again. The woman claimed that some of her personal effects were stolen but nothing major.

A number of other victims have expressed their deep worry about the presence of the burglar within their neighborhood. ‘It is so scary to know that he is right near us’, one of the neighbors said. ‘I will get enough rest once I hear that the burglar has been caught and executed. We do not know exactly what to expect now that the burglar is emerging at any time’, another neighbor said.

It has been revealed that the burglary cases have been transpiring along the 27th, 47th, and 11th Streets. The latest case was reported in the 11th Street not so long ago. It is said that the burglar tends to aim at streets that neighbor each other in Miami. This has kept the residents of this area on the edge.

A night worker expresses his worry by saying that he would not know exactly what to do should the burglar catch up with him on his way back home. He says that it is totally unpredictable on how the burglar will respond when confronted.

Any person with information about the burglar is advised to report to the police. This will help the police end his crime spree.

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