Jeb Bush Set To Launch His Presidential Bid in Miami

One of the aspiring presidential candidates in the US, Jeb Bush, is all set to officially announce his bid in Miami. The former Florida governor hinted his interest in the presidency around six months ago. However, it is now clear that the Man is ready to set foot in his presidential bid, and the launch will be done on the 15th of June 2015 in Miami.

The governor’s spokesman, Kristy Campbell, said that the governor is heavily delighted with the massive support he has received from people of his gubernatorial area and America at large. The spokesman also said that the governor is very grateful for the encouragement he has been receiving from the residents of US, and he is all set to announce his ultimate decision (the presidential bid).

The 62-year-old governor opted for Miami Dade College since he has for long held deep passion for education. Miami Dade College happens to be one of the biggest education institutes in the country, and that is the main reason why he opted to launch his presidential bid there.

Before the official announcement about his presidential bid, Jed Bush will have spent a one-week trip in Europe. He is set to begin the trip on Monday whereby he is expected to get a clear glance of the foreign policy issues. This is because the foreign policy issues have been marked as a major point of interest in the presidential race of USA.

Upon being upheld as an official presidential contender in US, Bush will now be ready to spread the world for his official campaign. However, his interaction with the main committee will be limited and direct contribution to his campaigns will be capped at $2,700. He is expected to start his campaigns as soon as his presidential bid is validated. Bush earlier hinted that the race to the presidency may not be as easy, and that is why he plans to play his cards from the word ‘go’.

His trip to Europe is seen as a strategy to get a clear contrast between other governments and that of Barack Obama. For the last couple of years, the Republican has challenged Barack Obama heavily. His government has been termed weak especially in the foreign policy domain. This is why it is speculated that the presidential aspirant will be heavily consulting on the foreign policy as a prime strategy to win his quest.

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