North Miami High School Principal Apologizes For A Post On His Facebook Account

The North Miami Senior High School principal has been the latest personality to inject himself into an already charged national debate where police have been known to racially discriminate and mistreat the black community. This time, the principal did so via a social media comment. However, after the backlash, on Tuesday, the principal apologized formally. Cell phone clips from McKinney, Texas showed that a white police officer Mr. David E. Casebolt was caught on camera throwing a black girl believed to be a teen to the ground. After that unfortunate incident, the officer in question draws his weapon while he responds to another incident involving unruly protests in a pool party. This incident that happened last week is the latest where there have been witnessed strings of encounters that have elicited charges of abusive officers’ treatment on minorities especially blacks.

The principal through his brief public post defended the officer by saying that he actually acted in a manner that he was supposed to respond. Mr. Alberto Iber said, “He did nothing wrong.” The comment showed Mr. Iber’s Facebook photo, the title of the post, his full name and that of the school he heads. “He was afraid of his life. I commend him for his actions,” Mr. Iber continued to say. The post quickly spread like summer forest fire across Facebook users who saw it including Ambrose Sims, a retired black Miami Beach Police veteran. Mr. Sims joined the Force during a time racial tension in Miami was at its peak in the early 1980s. The post prompted Sims to write his comment saying, “Such a comment reveals to me that you’re a serious part of the problem.” Ambrose Sims also came out openly claiming to be a gay and facilitated a campaign that championed for equal rights.

Although Alberto’s comment was pulled down a few hours later, it had already spread and caused tension in North Miami. This is a diverse northeastern Miami-Dade city which is known to be home of many black residents. According to state records the North Miami High School’s student body comprises 99% of minority. Alix Desulme, a Haitian-American school teacher and who was recently elected to a post of councilman said, “He was appalled. For him to make such a comment is insensitive to the community.”

As a response to his post, Mr. Iber concluded, “I support law enforcement, and also the community and the students that I serve as the proud principal of North Miami Senior High School. The comment that I posted was simply made as the result of a short video that I watched and my personal opinion.”

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