The First Step for a New Volvo Dealership Approved By North Miami Council

A new car dealership is about to be in the near future for North Miami after the city council approved the first step that will see Volvo set a new showroom on Biscayne Boulevard.
The city council voted 4-1 in favor of the new showroom, at a meeting held on Tuesday. The council also amended its land regulations to give room for a “retail showroom, automobiles” as a special exception. Only Carol Keys, the Vice Mayor voted against the proposed plan.
The showroom will be located in an old Wells Fargo building at 12550 Biscayne Boulevard. According to the plan, the showroom will also have a dining area and other amenities. North Miami residents, especially those from of Keystone Point and Sans Souci, appeared to have a divided opinion on the proposed plan.
Some of the contentious issues fronted by the residents were addressed at the City’s May 5th planning commission where Volvo agreed to certain conditions. Among the restrictions that Volvo consented to are restricting delivery zones and hours of delivery, not allowing test drives in residential areas, and preventing the parking of vehicles outside the showroom.
“At first I was opposed to this plan, but now I see its benefits as long as it is done the right way,” said Louise Poo, a resident of Keystone Point.
Other residents said that the amendments were not comprehensive enough and the possibility of Volvo not adhering to the restriction still exists. “The setting up of this showroom affects the entire length of Biscayne Boulevard’s and it has to be ensured that Volvo fully complies with the laid out restrictions,” said Bob Penchion, the vice president of Keystone Point Voluntary Homeowners Association.
Other residents such as Howard Tonkin said that the city needed to try out something else that was “cool”.
“Volvo is an amazing automaker and I would certainly love to see them here, but I am also concerned about what this showroom means for our city,” said Carol Keys, the Deputy Mayor, “Soon we may see other less reputable dealerships setting up shop here due to the change”, she added.
Galvin, another resident of the city said that some of the concerns raised were too premature. “We cannot continue being so rigid and throwing wild possibility whenever a developer comes to this city,” Galvin said.
In his remarks, Mayor Smith Joseph said, “Let me see where this will take us, so that other investors can start looking at North Miami as a place where they can do some good business.”

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