Mother of the Girl Who Was Sexually Abused in Miami Beach Speaks Out

The mother of an eleven-year-old girl who was allegedly molested sexually is coming out to the open saying that the Jewish community is giving her bribes in a bid to keep her mouth shut.

Speaking to journalists, the mother, who wished that her identity remains concealed said she has been shunned by the Jewish community since she started to push for justice for her daughter who was sexually molested by Rabbi Steve Karro at his Miami Beach art studio.

The woman says that despite being shunned, she does not think it is right for her to drop the pursuit for justice on behalf of a child who walked up to her looking very scared and said “Mom, I have something to tell you,” and goes ahead to narrate an ordeal that left her in tears. The woman says she has to stand up for her daughter and the rest of the community, and any other voice that maybe scared to speak out.

Video images from a surveillance camera taken at the Miami Beach restaurant show the suspect, Rabbi Karro standing next to the daughter’s mother and trying to hand her an envelope. This was a couple of days before Karro was arrested. The mother, who works at the restaurant, says Karro showed up at her place of work with an envelope. She accepted the envelope and took it to the authorities where it was opened, and money found inside.

After Karro was arrested, the mother, who is a Jew, said the rest of the Jewish community turned their backs against her and even, issued threats to her inside the synagogue. The mother’s attorney Jeff Herman said that when her client walked in the synagogue with her daughter, other attendees started moaning, telling her that she had a lot of nerves to step into the synagogue.

Herman says her client received a call from a second Rabbi, who offered her money to keep quiet. The Rabbi allegedly told her that it was not too late and that she can still withdraw the charges. Karro has his supporters too. A woman was quoted saying that “I think he is a great guy” after Karro addressed the press in a bid to clear the air about the controversy that surrounded him. This was before he was put to custody.

Asked why she came forward to speak about the issue, the mother said she found it to be her duty to not only fight for her daughter but give others courage to speak should they ever find themselves in such situations.

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