Miami Heat Strikes Deal with Goran Dragic

A fresh deal between Miami Heat and the great star Goran Dragic has been rumored. Sources have confirmed that the deal between the two is about to be validated and its total worth if $90 million in a span of 5 years. The quick move by Miami Heat was made to ensure that Goran is retained by the team for a long term. Goran has been recognized as a major pillar of the Miami Heat and that is one of the reasons why the team cannot let him go easily.

On July 9th, the deal will be made official and Goran will be expected to play for the team for five more years. A number of other players are expected to make official agreements with an aim of elevating their earnings and also elongating their term of service with Miami Heat. However, the least that can be done as per now is verbal agreement since they will have to wait for the current moratorium on player business to be lifted.

According to credible sources, it has been confirmed that Goran has already agreed to sign the agreement. He is in fact fully satisfied with the five more years that he will serve Miami Heat, let alone the heavy package he will get in return.

The latest developments in this regard have been seen as the best news that Goran has received so far. The player has never made an expensive deal like the one he is about to strike with Miami Heat. It is said that Goran was eligible for an excess of $100 million for the time that he will be serving Miami Heat. However, negotiations were made, lowering the final offer to $90 million.

Congratulation messages directed to Goran have been in order the past few days. Hassan Whiteside, one of his long-time colleagues, is among those who have sent their congratulation notes to Goran. He sent a tweet expressing his excitement about the fresh deal that Goran is about to strike.

The Heat boss, Pat Riley, has heavily expressed his confidence in Goran saying that the deal is indeed not futile. For the time that Goran has worked with Riley, their relationship has been commendable. This is seen as one of the reasons why Miami Heat administration fought tooth and nail to retain Goran. Wade is also one of the players believed to strike a three-year deal soon.

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