Josh Freeman Is Re-signed To Miami Dolphins Again

The Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, Josh Freeman, has been signed in on Tuesday, just four days after being released on 24th July 2015 by the Miami Dolphins. The reason is not clear but has been said to be a contract issue.

Freeman has been off for a year but according to him, it was not uncommon for guys to be cut and be out of the league. He has goals of becoming the next best player on his new sign in on Friday. He appreciated that Ryan Tannehill and Matt, the players in front of him, are satisfied. He also mentioned that he has come into the Dolphins with a beginner’s mentality and with an ambition to work his butt off. Freeman has noted that he is confident in playing at the quarterback position since it is what he has already done.

Freeman has quite a lot to do to make it to the final 53-man roster spot. Josh has not performed his best during the past three years. He has been placed third in line behind starter Ryan Tannehill and backup Mark Moore in his new position at the Dolphins. During the activities and minicamps Dolphins organized, Freeman’s passes were not impressive besides being strong-armed. Most of them appeared off the mark, and he has to work on that if he is to outshine his fellow quarterbacks.

The 27-year-old who had been the most promising in the past five years has been going down the lane. He has failed to match up the 25 and 27 touchdowns he made when he was at Tampa Bay between 2009 and 2012. He seemed to be making progress since 2009. In the National Football League, Freeman He was selected to the 17th position overall. The case has however been different as time goes on his release after a drop in 2013.

The Minnesota Vikings, in midseason of 2013, signed in Freeman and made him start a game against the New York Giants. It was that game that he bombed and kept off the field since then. He did not attend their meetings too and seemed to have lost interest.

The New York Giants signed him in 2014. He was however cut later and replaced by Curtis Painter and Ryan Nassib. During the offseason, he worked out for the New York Jets and Philadephia Eagles before his current job with the Miami Dolphins.

The signing in of Freeman is strategic. Besides his failures, Freeman has a skill set for the National Football League. Dennis Hickey, Miami Dolphins Manager, knows this very well since he was Tampa Bay’s director of scouting when Freeman was doing very well. It was in this years that he started a total of 16 games and received a 95.9 passing rating. Although he was not on a roster in the last season, Freeman has an excellent chance to turn around his National Football League career. His age is also an added advantage and keeping his word, he can be best.

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