3-Year Old Boy In Critical Condition After Shooting Himself

A 3-year old boy is fighting for his life in a Miami hospital after shooting himself in the head. The boy’s parents say that the toddler was looking for an iPad from a drawer when he found a loaded gun and shot himself. This unfortunate shooting incident occurred on Tuesday morning. Little Haiti is the name of the neighborhood where the incident took place. The boy’s home apartment is close to a notorious house development that is labeled Graveyard thanks to its high levels of crime involving guns.

Darnel Mundy, the boy’s parent told police that the toddler was searching for an iPad to play his favorite video games when he came across the gun. The parent maintained that the gun has been in their house for a long time. They kept the gun for self protection but they ensured that it was locked and unloaded. However, the parent could not tell how the drawer which he claimed was usually locked was let loose that day. Besides, there was no answer to why the gun was loaded.

Frederica Burden of the Miami police department said that investigations are on. Police are interviewing parents and neighbors. They are also conducting a forensic analysis of the apartment to ascertain the truth behind the parents’ shooting explanation. Detectives from Miami police removed the gun from the child’s home on Tuesday. Ms. Burden said, “All we know for sure is that we have a child who was shot. We’re investigating all options, and until we are certain, we know what happened we are not saying that he shot himself.”

Dorphise Jean, the boy’s mother was still in a grey T-shirt that soaked in blood at Ryder Trauma Centre. According to her, their son shot himself when they were still in bed. They were awakened by a gunshot. Jean said that their son had climbed up a chair and opened a dresser drawer in search of the iPad when he, unfortunately, came across the handgun. She told journalists that when rushing their son to the hospital, he was conscious. Jean said, “He was crying the whole way. I hit a car, ran red lights. They can sue me, I don’t care. He’s my everything. We are good parents. Just pray for my son.

Bianca Perez, a neighbor who stays in the same block said, “They say he had a gun in his hand, and the little boy got shot in the head, but it was an accident. I’m so sorry about that. They are good people.”

Doctors scheduled to conduct an operation on the boy’s head early Wednesday.

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