Fourteen Year Old Charged With Murder in Brownsville

A fourteen-year-old was arrested and is facing charges for manslaughter in relation to a shooting that resulted in the death of a fifteen-year-old at a Northwest Miami-Dade home. The Miami-Dade police were responding to a disturbance call when they found the lifeless body of the fifteen-year-old that had a bullet wound on the upper torso.

The teenager was shot at a Brownsville home, and police questioned three other teenagers aged between 12-18 years who were in the same house when the incident occurred. However, the police did not reveal the nature of the killing on whether it was an accident or a targeted shooting.

On arriving at the home, 5321 NW 27th Place, the police established that there were four teenagers at the home before 11:30 am when the incident unfolded. The other three youths included two males and a female. Later on Wednesday night, the police announced the arrest of Malcolm Antonio Lumpkin; a fourteen-year-old believed to have been responsible for the shooting who was charged with manslaughter using a deadly weapon. The fifteen-year-old victim was identified as Jakyri Fleurimar and his body remained in the house for hours. The house from which the incident took place had an American flag waving in the yard, notable yellow flowers and a manicured lawn.

A neighbor to the home, Marchill Maxwell, told the police that she didn’t hear any gunshot, although she confirmed hearing someone pounding on her door. She, however, did not open for fear that it could have been a burglary, and someone was trying to break in. She concluded that it was probably the teenagers who had come to ask for help.

According to detective Marjorie Eloi, from the Miami Dade department, a handgun used in the killing was recovered. He also noted that they did not believe anyone else was involved. As usual, there were curious onlookers on the sidewalk and in front of the adjacent Brownsville Town Village Apartments, as the police had blocked off the street with crime scene tapes and their police cars.

Detective Eloi referred to the shooting as a tragedy but also noted that it was a timely reminder to parents to safely and appropriately store their firearms. He called for the parents to keep their guns far from their children’s reach in places where the young ones cannot access them. It was not entirely clear whose house it was on Wednesday as the victim Jakyri, lived in the 6400 block of Mayo Street in Hollywood.

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